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Pizzeria da Salvatore like every family-run restaurant has  its origins in past generations.

The family  Rasulo has  the passion and art of pizza originated in Naples  begins with Antonio Rasulo, father of  Salvatore, who was a humble and simple pizza maker.

It will be thanks to Salvatore that this art will bring him  great satisfactions.

Moved with his wife  after the war in the north,  work  for a few years in Venice 

to arrive in Verona in 1949, where in  a short time later he created the first historic pizzeria in Verona in the Veronetta district, the Grottina.

Salvotore nei primi anni a Venezia
Articoli a Salvatore

For about a decade he collaborated in the creation of the first pizzerias in Verona including the Costa, the Cavour, the Tavernetta and the Sayonara,  teaches  and transmits his art to several people including a military man  American, who  will describe  his  mastery in an article in the "Army Times". Finally the  Sara  recognized the  merit of first  pizza chef from all over Verona, the one who gave rise to this culinary movement in the  city, thanks to a  item 

of the  city newspaper "the morning of Verona".

In 1961, Salvatore decided to  take over an old trattoria in Corso Portoni Borsari and in December of the same year  inaugurates the Pizzeria da Salvatore, the one that  it will become the point of departure and arrival of this family.

At the end of the 70s the eldest son Ivano began to collaborate in the business.  

Sede storica Pizzeria da Salvatore
Intero sede storica Pizzeria da Salvatore

In the following years the Pizzeria da Salvatore begins to depopulate between  the Veronese becoming a symbol and  local loved  recommended by the whole city to savor one  real Neapolitan pizza.  

At the gates of the new millennium, precisely in the  90's,

Salvatore retires and the business  of the family passes into the hands of Ivano.

In the 2000s, the historic headquarters in Corso Portoni Borsari had to change location, so the search for a new venue fell on the Veronetta district, as originally, close to the historic center.

With the inauguration in August 2000, the history of Pizzeria  from  Salvatore continues in the new restaurant,

by Ivano Rasulo, with the help in  room  of the  younger brothers Angela e  Maurizio, carry on everything  what Salvatore has  created to never disappoint his own  clients.

Ivano e collaboratore in Pizzeria da Salvatore
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