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Pizzeria da Salvatore is a historic place in Verona,  born in 1961 by Salvatore in  first  seat of Corso Porta Borsari, now brought  forward by his son Ivano in the new location  in Piazza San Tomaso.

The modern and unmistakable style restaurant offers numerous specialties, the pizzas vary  come on  classic tastes ad  others more particular, giving life to recipes that have become  symbols  unmistakable  of the pizzeria.

Every single pizza is strictly  performed  according to the tradition of Neapolitan pizza, high, soft  and cooked in a wood oven.  

At Salvatore, the careful search for top quality materials and a constant family tradition has meant that  became  a  of pizzerias  more  famous  of Verona.



Tradition and great quality of raw materials make each of our dishes unmistakable

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The love and trust of our customers today is due to the sacrifices and passion of those who believed in their dream 



Defined by many as a modern and very particular venue with elements  that would look good in a contemporary art book

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