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The location is particularly unique and evocative is  willing  on a single hall with about 60 seats,  longitudinally related by  a long and single bench  in cherry wood.

On the left wall there is a  pop art style painting by the painter Francesco Rubino, depicting a bottle of Campari.

A black and white seligraphy runs along the right wall  represented scenes of Neapolitan life  and tributes to famous people such as Antonio De Curtis (aka Totò),  Sofia Loren, Vittorio De Sica, Massimo Troisi linked to Neapolitan pizza.  

The real peculiarity of the Pizzeria da Salvatore,  made by the architect  Giampaolo Canevaro  with the collaboration of the sculptor  Giovanni Marconi 'Gima',  I'm  the tables: all unique pieces  they are real  continuous works of art  use.

Made  in resin incorporate  objects of  recycling  used in the old location, such as glasses, cutlery, ladles, plates,  cups and  napkins or  waste items such as  bottle caps, cans,  coffee beans  and much more.  

The bathroom, particularly refined in detail, such as the entrance washbasin, also created by the artist 'Gima', is also of considerable value.

This small work of  design makes tasting the tradition and quality of its dishes even more enjoyable  same since the first day of opening in 1961.

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