Tradition and art in Via San Tomaso 6

pizzeria da salvatore verona

The history of Pizzeria da Salvatore began in 1961 in Corso Porta Borsari in Verona, where it remained for forty years, becoming a real reference point for Veronese lovers of original Neapolitan pizza. Today,the business is run by Salvatore's son, Ivano, who decided to open a new pizzeria in Piazza San Tomaso 6 in 2000. The location is particularly unique and charming, because it was designed by architect Giampaolo Canevaro with the collaboration of sculptor Giovanni Marconi 'Gima', who created all the tables now in the pizzeria as real works of art. The sink in the bathroom, again created by the artist 'Gima', is also of considerable value. The unusual resin tables, worthy of mention in a book on contemporary art, incorporate objects that can be found in a pizzeria, including cutlery, glasses, bottle corks with their openers, plates and much more, to create twenty-five tables – each one obviously unique.

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